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Kusabukai-Chan or Grassy ^_^
Life Sucks 
12th-Dec-2005 04:58 pm
Well after working for the last few week’s work has given me 4 hours this week, I’m not happy…

Rosters are supposed to be out on Wednesday I worked Thursday but still not out,

I had to go up to town on Friday but before I did I went in for my roster… still not out, and went around for over half an hour trying to find these bloddy shifts, well after that, I ran just to miss my bus, and had to catch a taxi to eastlands that sucked

I watched the Boogieman movie last it was ok but it had a shitty ending… I hate movies like that.

I got a Supercard SD for my gameboy and Nintendo ds I can download games from anywhere I’m playing an Azumanga Diaoh a game from Japan, still also playing nintendogs alot

I so want to go to Launceston soon and Visit some friends I could of done that this week if my hours from work were on time, but I hope I can get up there before Christmas,

Well gotta go and help my little brother out in pokemon :D
14th-Dec-2005 09:16 pm (UTC) - Re: Tell Tell
I am afraid spiders and gettting ripped off
i work at wollies at the deli section but just went for a job at big w.
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